Print Drives Online Sales   Print is a powerful media, and is multiplied when used as part of a multi-channel campaign: TV, telemarketing, internet, and social media.

Print Values Trees   Much paper comes from sustainable forests, or tree farms.

Print Uses Waste   You recycle your newspaper, where does your old computer go?

Landfills are full of electronics, not paper.

Print is Recycled, Responsible, Renewable.

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Print Provides a High ROI   a whopping 78% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive.

Shoppers are Influenced by Print   Magazine ads motivate readers to take action.

Magazines!  The Power of Print

Why Printing is better than Electronic Media:

1.  Yours Forever!  Hold print. share print, borrow print. They're subject only to the time limits you set.

2.  Sensory Experience.  Studies show that we retain knowledge and experiences better through physical interaction. Turn print into just one more channel of your content-consuming experience.

3.  Shorter attention Span with Digital. Digital media has to work extra hard to keep its attention-deficit readers engaged.

There's a romance in Print.  In a highly audio-visual world that can sometimes be ephemeral, print work is substantive, tactile, permanent.  Print creates a different relationship than digital between the reader and the words; you feel more relaxed and are more likely to enjoy reading the longer stories.  In some print publications, ads are actually perceived as a value rather than a distraction.

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Reasons to choose Printing over Electronic Media

Print Drives     Print Promotes     Print Delivers

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1.  Time Management

2.  Quality Control

3.  Team Spirit

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We surf the Internet.

We swim in magazines.

The Internet is exhilarating. Magazines are enveloping. The Internet grabs you. Magazines embrace you. The Internet is impulsive. Magazines are immersive. And both media are growing.

Barely noticed amidst the thunderous Internet clamor is the simple fact that magazine readership has risen over the past five years. Even in the age of the Internet, even among the groups one would assume are most singularly hooked on digital media, the appeal of magazines is growing.

What it proves, once again, is that a new medium doesn't necessarily displace an existing one. Just as movies didn't kill radio. Just as TV didn't kill movies. An established medium can continue to flourish so long as it continues to offer a unique experience. And, as reader loyalty and growth demonstrate, magazines do.

Which is why people aren't giving up swimming, just because they also enjoy surfing.

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